Physical Security Risk

Residential Estate Security

Residential Estate Security

Enhancing Residential Estate Security: A South African Homeowner’s Guide. In the pursuit of safety and security, many South African homeowners, like Sonja, invest substantial sums in residential estates. Yet, Sonja’s harrowing experience reveals the stark reality behind some security promises. Initially drawn by assurances of top-tier security, Sonja invested over R8.2 million in a residential …

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Same Question, Different Week

    As an Independent Security assessor-We get asked the following question nearly every week: Why don’t corporate companies, businesses, shopping malls and Security Estates invest in a Security Risk Assessment? Good question! Various potential reasons exist for this, with the most prolific hurdle at the moment being PSIRA. Entities often know that not all …

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Security Control is Key

SECURITY CONTROL IS KEY Even if you have security measures in place, security control is vital in ensuring that your security is successful.  The Security Risk Assessment will ultimately provide you with this power. By conducting an extensive physical security investigation that encompasses various layers and goes beyond the onsite hardware, we can identify and …

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