Security Threat Assessment

violence by eightshot.

Public Violence –

Independent security risk assessment – Yes, I am talking about Public Violence. Those, sometimes random, sometimes planned, events that can be either peaceful, or it can cause absolute havoc. Whether we want to know it or not, strikes and protests affect each and every South African. If your business is the direct target, or if …

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Independent Risk Consultant

How Can the Services of the Independent Risk Consultant Be Advantageous to My Company in Understanding Our Security Risk? Many companies try to save money by conducting their Security Risk & Threat Assessment in-house or through their contracted Security Company. However, this often leads to realizing too late that their security systems are inadequate when facing …

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Physical Security Risk & Confidentiality Go Hand in Hand

Confidentiality is a Priority in Terms of Physical Security Risk A very important aspect of our business as Physical Security Risk Assessors is the value and the guarantee of confidentiality. Particularly regarding our clients. The data that we gather is high risk as it reveals all weaknesses and vulnerabilities within their physical security. Furthermore  this …

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Security Risk Analysis and why the Risk Matrix is the incorrect measuring tool.

INCORRECT PROCESS OF PHYSICAL SECURITY RISK ANALYSIS; Security Risk Assessment Matrix. Adaptation for Security Risk Analysis & Assessment In South Africa, Health & Safety unfortunately have a negative impact on security, partly because the Security Manager often also serves as the Health & Safety Officer. In some cases, one person may fill not only these …

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Security Control is Key

SECURITY CONTROL IS KEY Even if you have security measures in place, security control is vital in ensuring that your security is successful.  The Security Risk Assessment will ultimately provide you with this power. By conducting an extensive physical security investigation that encompasses various layers and goes beyond the onsite hardware, we can identify and …

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